Final Product: The Wheeland Brothers’ Music Video

Still from the music video

Well, Sun-Mon, I celebrated my QUARTER OF A CENTURY Birthday with friends. My Birthday fell on an awkward Monday (May 21st), and I didn’t really have any solidified plans because May goes by so quickly, and I never realize it’s about to be my Birthday until I look at my phone and see May 20th and go, “OMG! My Birthday is TOMORROW!”

Haha, luckily, I have AMAZING friends who helped me celebrate it the right way. Part of me wants to write about the places they took me to, but the other part of me feels like it would be so selfish because my Birthday has already passed a couple of days ago and so many people have already given me so much love!

So, instead of writing about how I celebrated my 25th Birthday (all over beautiful Orange County, of course!), I want to share the final product of the Wheeland Brothers’ video shoot because I just saw it posted!


From Nate “Frogg” Wheeland: “Muchos Mahalos haoles.”

Buy the song “Sand in My Sheets” and the new album “Toast to the Coast” now on iTunes, Bandcamp, and AmazonMP3.


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