OC Lifestyle: The Wheeland Brothers

Yesterday was an EPIC day, because it was The Wheeland Brothers’ 1st pro-music video shoot! They are true surfer-musicians at heart and always around San. O and Trestles, so what better location for their new song, “Sand in my Sheets,” than San Clemente?

Wheeland Brothers: #Beach #Rock #Reggae

The Wheeland Brothers definitely encompass the “OC Lifestyle.” When you listen to their music and watch them perform, you definitely get a flavor unique from what’s mainstream or “trending” right now. I call it a “So Cal vibe,” and you’ll see what I mean once you listen to one of their songs.

Honestly, they are so talented and their time is coming. They’ve been doing it their own way, but it’s going to work out for these guys. I feel so strongly about that because there’s a niche that hasn’t been filled yet, and the time of the So. Cal guys is coming!

These are all very smart guys who could easily be pursuing corporate careers, but they are so insanely talented and true-to-themselves that they are “doing their own thing” and showing that instead of inspiring people to chase money, cars, girls, and G6s, they inspire people to share one love, not judge others, and to live and enjoy life.

With the brothers from the band, Nate on the left and Travis on the right.

In their more recent YouTube vids, they’ve been putting “Beach Rock Reggae” underneath “Wheeland Brothers,” and yeah, that totally describes the vibe. Their music makes you want to let go and love people. Chill at the beach. Try surfing. Try surfing in speedos (ask one of the guys about it). Dance around a bonfire. An epic bonfire. Wake up at the beach and do it again. And eat lots of burritos…or hangout in Newport and try to use their “In With the Newport” song lyrics as a sacred Treasure Map to go from Rudys–>Malarkys–>Sharkeez.

I’ll let their music speak for themselves. You can’t NOT like these guys…they are just all-around legit, nice, talented, smart, chill, values-based, welcoming, good guys who you’d want to hang out with.

We shot the music video for their new song, “Sand in my Sheets.” You have to hear the actual recorded version. It’s in my car right now…so good that I won’t spoil it by posting any other version! But here are some photos from the video behind-the-scenes!

Wheeland Brothers “Sand in my Sheets”

Marcus and Travis

Reviewing some footage…

Brandon drumming away on the beach at sunset

The 2 brothers from The Wheeland Brothers band (Travis and Nate) are opening up for Donavon Frankenreiter as an acoustic duo on June 13th at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach!!! Here is more info.

Below is a cover they did of Donavon Frankenreiter’s “Free.” Enjoy! You have to see them live!


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